Journal of West Asian Archaeology Vol. 14

Journal of West Asian Archaeology Vol. 14, March 2013


The Japanese Society for West Asian Archaeology retains the copyright for all papers published
in Journal of West Asian Archaeology.


Title Author Page
Aspects of Indus Urban Society in the Ghaggar Plains Akinori UESUGI 1-24 PDF


A Study of the Chipped Stone Tool Artifacts Excavated from the Mushki Layers of Rahamatabad Masashi ABE 25-35 PDF
A Chronology of Southwest Iran during the 5th Millennium BC:
a Re-analysis of Pottery from Tall-i Gap
Takehiro MIKI 37-48 PDF


The Results of XRF Analysis on Sasanian Cut Glass from the Tenri University Sankokan Museum Yoshinobu TATSUMI 49-57 PDF
Shabtis from the Takahashi Collection Held by the Fujisawa City Board of Education

Musashi MINAMISAWA 59-66 PDF


Current Research on Ancient Macedonian Cities Toshiko MATSUO 67-78 PDF
Survey on the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Bahrain by Japan Consortium for International
Cooperation in Cultural Heritage
Rei HARADA, Takeshi GOTOH, Kiyohide SAITO and Masashi ABE 79-88 PDF
A Note on the Specialist Workshop, “Painting Pots ― Painting People:
Investigating Decorated Ceramics from the Late Neolithic Near East”
Takahiro ODAKA 89-94 PDF


Annual Meeting of Excavations in West Asia: 20th Anniversary Keiko ISHIDA 95-97 PDF


Obituary of Professor FUJII Hideo Yasuyoshi OKADA 99-100 PDF

▷Japanese Expeditions in 2012(pp.105-106) Click here